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To Declare or Not to Declare Amma 43

Swami Paramatmananda, in one of his talks, describes the discussion he had with Swami Amritaswarupananda who wrote Amma’s original biography.  The discussion revolved around whether or not to declare Amma to be simply a hugging saint or an incarnation of the Divine – an avatar.  Should they hold back on this information thus keeping the veil in place?

The idea is that making bold claims about being an incarnation might become an obstacle for some people.  They would say, “Yeah, yeah, everyone says their guru is God!”  They decided not to make any claims in the biography and allow the story of Amma’s life to speak for itself.  Those who have eyes to see will see and those that have ears to hear will hear.

It has been 30 plus years later and your author has observed many people not being able to pick up all the flowers of Amma’s greatness so as to hold them all at once as a large bouquet thus realizing the magnitude of Amma’s presence on this earth.  We see that she has hugged 35 million people or feeds 10 million people a year or passes out spiritual experiences like candies or manifests great yogic supernormal powers but we never step back and look at all of these magnificent and luminous accomplishments as a whole.  And so, it is with the intention of assembling the entire bouquet that your author embarks on this project.

biographyFor those who catch the scent from reading this book and want to dig more deeply into the profound mystery that is Amma, it is suggested to proceed to Amma’s biography by Swami Amritaswarupananda.  This is the best introduction for any who wish to understand Amma.  It can be purchased on Amazon or at:

Your author also recommends reading On the Road to Freedom volume 2 by Swami Paramatmananda available at the same online bookstore.

In addition, there are several excellent documentaries about Amma that can be viewed for free on YouTube® by searching for “River of Love Mata,” “Science of Compassion,” “Darshan the Embrace,” and “Embracing the World.”  The last one is about Amma’s charitable activities for serving the poor, the sick and the elderly.  These can also be ordered as DVDs from

Your author has put up an unofficial web site about Amma which presents her life and teachings.  Go to  The official websites for Amma are and

This book is an expression of the opinions of your author and are not necessarily the official stated positions of Amma’s organization.

I humbly bow to Amma.  She is my teacher and my guru and the reader is invited to explore my autobiography Into the Mystic to see the profound impact she has had on my life.  Without her grace, this book could not have been written.

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