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It is important, as a first point in our investigation, that we explore the attitude Amma has regarding her own spiritual status.  To begin with, Amma says in the Awaken Children books that the idea “I am spiritual” is a detriment to our own spiritual progress.  So how does she respond to the inevitable inquiries regarding her divine nature?

Amma does not claim to be anything other than a normal human being.  We will see from our investigation that she is anything but normal.  This is what she says about any claim to being Divine.

“Questioner:  Amma, do you claim anything?

"Amma:  Claim what?

"Q:  That you are an incarnation of the Divine Mother or a fully Self-realized Master and so forth.

"A:  Does the president or prime minister of any country keep on announcing, “Do you know who I am?  I am the president/prime minister,” wherever he or she goes?  No.  They are what they are.  Even to claim that you are an Avatar or are Self-realized involves ego.  In fact, if somebody claims that they are an Incarnation, a Perfect Soul, that in itself is proof they are not.

"Perfect Masters have no such claims.  They always set an example to the world by being humble.  Remember, Self-realization doesn’t make you special.  It makes you humble.

"In order to claim that you are something, you neither have to be Self-realized nor do you need any special skill.  The only thing that you need is a big ego, false pride.  That is what a Perfect Master doesn’t have.”   From the book From Amma’s Heart

Amma 38Amma typically responds to suggestions that she is enlightened, an avatar or a self-realized soul by dismissing it and laughing about it.  Here are examples from the Awaken Children books:

“Brahmacharin (monk): (With joy) Now it is clear. Now I understand that Mother is an Avatar.

"Amma: (Laughing and rejoicing) No, no... your Mother is not an Avatar but a good-for-nothing crazy girl.”


“She laughed and replied, "To this crazy one? Shiva! Mother is mad, a nut!"


“Mother: Children, what does Mother know? Mother is crazy. She would simply say some crazy things. Siva! Siva! Children, accept what you think is correct.”


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