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At the time of Jesus there was a practice among the Jewish people to grant pardons and forgive debts for no reason.  This occurred every 50 years and was known as the Jubilee

It was a brief period when the door to liberation opened and those afflicted could walk through without having had to do anything to earn this freedom.  According to the book of Leviticus, prisoners and slaves would be freed, debts would be forgiven, and the mercies of God would be visited upon the people.

Amma is like this.  She is a cosmic jubilee.  There is a Cosmic Mind which your author refers to as the Divine Mother of the Universe or just Divine Mother but one can also call it God, Our Father, Brahman, Buddha Nature, Allah, Great Spirit or any other name that one finds endearing.

When one begins to grasp the breathtakingly profound reality that is Amma - when the opportunity is realized - one will then be motivated to seize the moment and do whatever is necessary to walk through the door that is Amma.  

This is Jesus’ parable of the Pearl of Great Price.  Once the pearl is found, one sells all one has in order to purchase it.  In other words, one abandons the toys and distractions of the world to swim in the ocean of bliss.

Amma 35Even if one is not ready to walk out of their self-imposed prison, the Amma story, as a profoundly significant phenomenon, is well worth investigating.  One can benefit from this as well because simply studying her, will change us for the better.

It should be understood by the reader that this book represents the opinions of your author and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone else including Amma’s official organization.  Amma would never claim to be great in any way.  Her humility is impeccable.  But then that is one of the conditions that makes her so great!

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