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If we could for but a brief moment glimpse or grasp the immense love that Amma embodies we would go up in flames (good flames).  We would be convinced beyond all doubt from this alone that Amma is who this book says she is.  And this is a problem for most of us because most of us are aliens to love.  We have experienced very little of it. 

We were born into a world in which there is almost no love and so we have not learned to love.  Our parents never told us how important it is to cultivate love.  We live in a desert which is dry and barren of love. 

There are little sparks of it here and there – a mother and her child; our beloved dog or cat.  But for the most part we have rocks for hearts and love is no more than a four-letter word.  Because of this we can hear someone say, “Amma is love incarnate” and it has no more than a dry, intellectual meaning. 

To really get this – to be swept up in the fires of love – to shed copious hot streaming tears of immense bliss and love – we have to sit in Amma’s presence and often it does not happen the first time.  Your author knows of at least one person who experienced this while simply reading Amma's biography - without ever having met her in person. There is no radiance of love on this planet that is greater than Amma.  Amma truly is love incarnate and she is manifesting love in a very powerful way.  We might recall John telling us in the New Testament that God is love (1 John 4:8).


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