There are more bacteria, fungi, viruses and bacteria in our bodies than there are cells in our bodies. The human body is a thriving and complex ecosystem. It has approximately 1013 human cells and also about 1014 bacterial, fungal, and protozoan cells, which represent thousands of microbial species. In additions, humans are always infected with viruses. All of these pathogens are normally kept at bay by our immune systems and so they do not cause illness. However, if the body becomes compromised or weakened by stress, external toxins and poisons and even advancing age, our immune systems can begin to lose control over these pathogens. We begin to lose the war.

One example is toxoplasmosis which is a parasite that infects the brain and one quarter of the population in the USA is infected with this. In most people there are no symptoms because the immune system is able to battle it to a draw. In other people, the parasite gets the upper hand and has been linked to schizophrenia, depression and other disorders. This is one of thousands of invaders. Our bodies are literally war zones and it is a war that continues until we die.

Toxoplasmosis Parasites

MMS - chlorine dioxide - effectively kills all of these pathogens. There is no more efficient anti-pathogenic substance that we know of. If it kills the bacteria of tuberculosis or leprosy, or flesh-eating staph, or the AIDS virus we can say the MMS directly cured the patient. If MMS kills the hoards of pathogens in our bodies and removes the burden of these which allows our own bodies to heal degenerative diseases like chronic inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome and arthritis, then we say MMS indirectly contributed to the cure.

Human microbiota

Research has recently shown that the prevelance, diversity and persistence of bacteria has been grossly underestimated. Microbes are the creatures that compose most of the world's biomass. Typically, there are no less than 40 million bacterial cells in just one gram of soil and a million of these bacterial cells in a milliliter of fresh water.

These bacteria (and we are only talking about bacteria here - not viruses and parasites which are IN ADDITION to the bacteria) are just as virulent and present inside the human body.

Microbes in the Human Body




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