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Conversations with
the Divine Mother of the Universe


The universe is one intelligent, whole being.  This has many names such as God, Allah, Great Spirit and so on.  Pure formless awareness is God the father and the universe itself is the Divine Mother. Her nature is love and compassion.  She is the intelligence of everything.  It is the feminine aspect that brings the world and all of us into existence.  The universe is her body.

Conversations is a collection of dialogues in which the author, Ethan Walker, asks the Mother about the meaning of everything and how we can be happy.  The first portion of the book is about the Divine Mother – her appearance in multiple cultures and why we should believe the universe is intelligent; a cosmic mind that imbues all of existence. 

The second portion is the beginning of the dialogues in which the Mother is asked to reveal herself; explain herself; describe herself.  This she does with uncommon alacrity in a form that is both poetic and clear.  There is a palpable divine energy that flows from this section which is in 108 short verses.  The third and final part is, again, in dialogue form whereby the Mother answers both practical and philosophical questions. 


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