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This web page is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. The information offered here is for academic and experimental purposes only. Always consult with a health care professional before attempting any self-treatment.

There is a large body of evidence, both clinical and anecdotal, which reveals natural, effective treatments for cancer.

If you take the time to study the information presented in the DVDs and sources below, you will be astonished at how very effective they are. Many of them are, by far, more effective than mainstream medical establishment treatments.

There is a second side to this story. We have to understand why these inexpensive, natural treatments are black-listed by the medical establishment. Follow the river of money. The first video listed, The Forbidden Cures, starts with an excellent segment explaining the impoverished view of the medical establishment that is motivated primarily by money.

It will require courage to run counter to the advice being given by your oncologist. Take as much time as you need to explore. Don't let them scare you or pressure you into acting immediately. The videos listed below are the best on this topic. Most can be watched for free on the internet. Watch them all and watch them more than once. Take control of your fate. Become educated.

UPDATE: As of April, 2019, sites such as Google, YouTube and FaceBook have blacklisted most all internet sites that are devoted to alternative medicine protocols of every kind. This blacklisting happened in concert all at once on all of these sites. It was coordinated from a higher authority. Once upon a time, we could do a search for "cancer alternative treatments" and see many websites devoted to the subject. YouTube had hundreds of testimonials from people who cured their cancer via one alternative or another. These have all but disappeared. Many of these sites still exist but they will not appear as the result of a search. Your author just did a search (January, 2020) for that same search phrase and the first ten pages were filled with sites devoted to the scary evils of deadly alternative cancer treatments. Not until the 11th page did we see the link to the cancer clinic noted further down on this page. If you do a search for "cancer alternative treatments" you will see this graphic at the top of the column of search links on the first page:

quack watch

Why does this get to be at the top of the Google list of links? It does not say it is a sponsored ad.

Often times searching for any alternative health treatment we will see a link to the Quack Watch site.

A retired psychiatrist and author of Quackwatch, a mission to slam holistic medicine and call it all “quack” medicine, has been officially declared by the US Court System to be “Biased, and unworthy of credibility.” Everything Barrett (manager and writer of Quack Watch) writes he claims is in the realms of “consumer protection” and “medical ethics” and calling out “scientific skepticism,” but his true intentions have all been revealed already, by his own mission statement:

In a lawsuit in Canada, Barrett admitted to the following:

“The sole purpose of the activities of Barrett & Baratz are to discredit and cause damage and harm to health care practitioners, businesses that make alternative health therapies or products available, and advocates of non-allopathic therapies and health freedom.”

Barrett's intent is to CAUSE DAMAGE AND HARM to health care practitioners who treat and heal people with natural therapies and natural products. Barrett even desires to “cause damage and harm” to businesses that do no more than make alternative health therapies “available."

You can read all about Quack Watch here.



If you know anyone suffering from cancer, these are some of the best DVDs for effective alternative cancer cures.

These are free for streaming or you can purchase the DVDs on Amazon:


Cancer: The Forbidden Cures


An exploration of several very effective and long standing natural cancer treatments including an excellent introduction explaining why mainstream medicine does not promote them.

YouTube: Cancer: The Forbidden Cures





Cancer is Curable Now


This is a feature length documentary that could bring millions of cancer sufferers to embrace alternative cancer treatments. This film assembles over 30 holistic professionals from around the world who have been laboring passionately in the cancer field - scientists, doctors, writers and researchers. Most likely you have encountered many of them on TV and in books. This is a distillation of their knowledge and experience in nearly two hours of informational fireworks and profound, sometimes shocking, insights. It is professionally done with wonderful animations and cartoons. Marcus Freudenmann and his wife Sabrina who is a naturopathic MD, journeyed around the world with their 4 children for nearly three years to talk to and interview these experts. Their mission was to put together a DVD about natural cancer treatments that would wake up those who viewed it. They interviewed a large contingent of English_speaking experts as well as many scientists and physicians in the German and Mexican clinics. On display are the treatments used in the top-drawer clinics worldwide such as insulin potentiated treatments, ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and the many forms of hyperthermia. The doctors are explaining how these treatements work.

YouTube: Cancer is Curable Now


Burzynski, The Movie


This is the fascinating and riveting story of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, MD and PhD in biochemistry, who won the biggest and quite possibly the most intriguing and convoluted legal battle against the Food and Drug Administration in the history of the US. His victorious battles with the US government involved Dr. Burzynski's belief in and his commitment to a non-toxic, gene-targeted therapy which he called Antineoplastins. Dr. Burzyinski has 40 years of astonishing conquests over cancer curing heretofore incurable brain tumors and all other types of cancer. There is a second Burzynski movie available which is not on YouTube but can be purchased on Amazon.

YouTube: Burzynski, The Movie


Dying to have Known


Renowned filmmaker Steve Kroschel takes a 53-day journey to explore evidence which supports the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy. Originating in the 1930s with German born Dr. Max Gerson, who was described by Albert Schweitzer as the "medical genius of our time," this natural cancer treatment has endured whithering suppression. Steve's travels take us to Mexico where the Gerson Clinic thrives today and also stops in New York, Japan, Spain and Holland. At the end of the film, Steve presents the testimonies of surgeons, scientists, nutritionists and patients all of whom give testimony to the effectiveness of the therapy in not only curing cancer but other debilitating diseases. He presents hard scientific evidence to back all this up.

BitChute: Dying to Have Known



Prior to April of 2019 there were perhaps a hundred testimonial videos posted on YouTube by persons who had used Chlorine Dioxide to cure their cancer. These were then removed in the purge along with many other alternative health postings because they were considered to be quackery. Many written testimonials were perserved and remain posted on a server in another country out of reach of the FDA minions. You can click on the button below to read them.

Cancer testimonials








Jim Humble discovered MMS as a means to cure malaria amongst the workers in his silver mine in South America. It also cures many other things including cancer 95% of the time. This is a very cheap mineral solution that we have used for over 100 years as a water purifier and for other uses. Jim does not sell MMS as it is cheap and commonly available online. He does sell the book shown here which explains what it is, how it works and how to treat various maladies. He is independently wealthy, retired and has devoted his life to the promotion of MMS as a humanitarian mission. And is Big Pharma upset about this! MMS would cost them billions. Order this book from Amazon and read it. Do a search on YouTube for "MMS testimonials." There is an excellent documentary titled Understanding MMS. It is out of print but can often be found by doing a search on ebay. Before you read anything - especially Wikipedia - Go to the page link just below and read the introductory information about MMS.

Read a short piece about Chlorine Dioxide a.k.a. MMS

Look at Jim Humble's book

Another great source of information about MMS a.k.a. Chlorine Dioxide can be found in books written by Andreas Kalcker a German born biophysicist. He has done a tremendous amount of research. Recently he helped several hospitals in South America conduct clinical trials on hospitalized covid virus patients and the doctors doing the trials showed 97% recovery within three days. Dr. Kalcker has videos describing these events which can be found on and You can read more about Dr. Kalcker here and see his primary book that is a manual on using Chlorine Dioxide by clicking the link below.



This is Andreas Kalcker's most excellent book on the use of Chlorine Dioxide:

Andreas Kalcker

Run From The Cure



Rick Simpson discovered that by distilling hemp oil from marijuana, all types of cancer could be consistently cured along with a host of other diseases. Rick would produce the oil and give it away for free and this he did many times. The results are astonishing. It turns out that the human body also uses and manufactures the cannibas canabinoids such as THC and has receptors for these. Also do a search on the internet for "hemp oil cancer."

YouTube: Run From the Cure


Second Opinion: Laetrile at Sloan-Kettering



Reported in the New York Daily News (8-28-14): "Though a documentary, it's dramatic enough to be reminiscent of 'The Insider', the whistleblowing thriller about Big Tobacco." The War on Cancer which was launched early in the 1970s, created the climate for a massive influx of fresh ideas as to how to fight cancer. Sloan-Kettering was the leading cancer research institute at that time. It was given the task of experimenting with and testing an alternative natural therapy called "Laetrile" as an attempt to dampen the publics misplaced hope in the alleged "quack" therapy. As it turns out, the therapy worked which prompted a denial and a cover up.

See on Facebook full documentary




This is the DVD the AMA does not want you to see! The medical-industrial complex spends millions of dollars every year in an attempt to ridicule, attack and discredit natural therapies. Doctored takes us to the world of 5 chiropractors who applied natural therapies to their patients, but they were branded as an "unscientific cult."

In this film, we see how they battled in court and were victorious with a landmark verdict. Their heroic acts form the basis for one of the most intriguing and compelling documentaries ever made. Because of them, the medical machine is no longer preventing access to natural, safe alternatives. Popping of pills is being replaced by more intelligent preventative care. Disease mongers are being pushed aside which results in a healthier life for all of us.

Doctored also looks at the "influencers." These are the people who strive to make every person into a pill popping cash cow. More of modern medicine is taken up with slick marketing from pharmaceutical companies the profit when we are in pain. Why aren't we being advised about these successful natural therapies? The answers will shock you! This can be streamed from, purchased as a disk from Amazon or rented on Amazon.

Odysee: Doctored



Healing Cancer



A compelling documentary in two parts. The first explores the effectiveness of chemotherapy which, according to studies, is very small with a few exceptions. Drug companies pull the wool over our eyes by using deceptive statistical statements and this is thoroughly explained. The second part explores the role of diet in allowing our own immune system to remove the cancer. This DVD is available for a little over $10 US on Amazon. It can be streamed for free on YouTube.

YouTube: Healing Cancer


Crazy, sexy cancer


Kris Carr tells her story as to how she managed to get liver cancer under control. A very entertaining and well made DVD. This is an expensive one clocking in at $40 on Amazon. Netflix also has it as a DVD if you have a disk subscription. Very inspiring documentary. An actress by trade, Kris does a good job of making the presentation. Her approach is diet oriented.

Trailer: Crazy, Sexy Cancer





Forks Over Knives


What the heck has happened to us? In spite of the fact that we have the most highly advanced medical technology in the world, we are getting sicker than ever before and by nearly any way you want to measure it. Two out of three persons are overweight. Incidences of diabetes are skyrocketing and especially amoung the younger population. Approximately half of us are popping at least one prescribed drug. Major surgeries and proceedures have become commonplace serving to push health care costs out of the stratosphere. Cancer, heart disease and stroke are the countries three main causes of death and this despite the fact the billions are spent every year to wage war against these diseases. Millions have sucumbed to a myriad of other degenerative diseases.

Is it possible that there is a single solution for all of these afflictions? A solution so comprehenive and yet so astonishingly straitforward, that it boggles the mind that more of us haven't given it serious consideration? This is a must watch DVD for anyone who wishes to recover from cancer.

Stream for free: Forks Over Knives



There are a number of good alternative clinics in the USA. Here is a link to Nature Works Best in Arizona. The video below is from their web site and it gives a good 13 minute view of the natural approach. This clinic has a documented and published 90% success rate. Do a search on Facebook for "Tijuana cancer clinics."




Kaiser Permanente



Medical research and clinical studies showing the tremendous health benefits of adopting a whole-foods, plant-based (WFPB) diet are voluminous, overwhelming and conclusive. Because of this enormous body of evidence, Kaiser Permanente, the largest private healthcare provider in the world, sent a bulletin to all of its 17,000 on-staff, salaried doctors to encourage all patients to adopt a WFPB diet. It reads, in part:

"Healthy eating may be best achieved with a plant-based diet, which we define as a regimen that encourages whole, plant-based foods and discourages meats, dairy products, and eggs as well as all refined and processed foods."

The entire Kaiser Permanente bulletin may be read here.

In addition they have published an awesome, full-color, well-illustrated 20 page pamphlet to explain why we should adopt a WFPB diet and how to do it. Click here to read it as a pdf file. Here is a nice short video about Kaiser's plant-based diet recommendations.





This is something your doctor will most likely know nothing about. A medical test for the detection of cancer that is 99% accurate has been available to us for over 25 years. The test is risk free and it is more accurate and less expensive than any other test. It is known as the Anti-Malignan Antibody in Serum cancer test also know for short as AMAS. A doctor will be necessary to assist you with this. Go to the website of Oncolab who administers the test. They will explain everything and there is a tab which will provide you with a list of doctors in your area that can assist you. If there is no doctor listed in your locale, Oncolab will send you a free kit but the test itself is $250 which is paid when you order the kit. You will take the kit with you to a local lab and have blood drawn and processed. Then you ship the blood sample with dry ice to Oncolab. Then it can be determined if there are specific cancer anti-bodies in your blood.

There is a great advantage in having this test available. When using any alternative protocol one can retest in a month or two to determine of progress is occuring.

Mainstream medicine does not like these tests due to the fact that they can show a positive indication while at the same time there is no other visible or detectible sign of cancer. The reason for this is that, on average, a single cancer cell must multiply and divide for roughly ten years before it reaches the barely detectable size of one centimeter. In other words, the cancer can be there for ten years before it becomes visible or obvious. If it is not apparent to orthodox means of detection, then doctors have no way to determine standard treatments. With this test, one has the opportunity to erradicate the cancer before it becomes visible.



This is a non-toxic alkaline mineral salt and it has been applied to medical treatments since the 1800s. It has found success since the 1980s in treating cancer patients. It is noted for its quality of removing the pain of cancer. Click on this link to read more.



This is the chemical name for a broad spectrum anti-parasite drug that has long been approved for use in humans. It is also commonly given to animals as a de-wormer. The Merck company sells it as a canine de-wormer under the brand name Panacur C. This is something anyone can purchase on-line and use to treat their own cancer. There are numerous anectodtal success stories but a clinical trial will never be done to repurpose this for cancer because there is no way to patent it. It is a pre-existing drug. It costs many millions to do these trials and no drug company will spend this money because the fact that it can't be patented will simply allow every other drug company to make it and sell it. Here is a link you can go to that explains this treatment and presents cases of of individuals who say they cured their cancer. Because the protocol is cheap and easy, why not try it?



Also known as eschartics because they produce an eschar or dead tissue plug that eventually falls out. These are used as treatments for skin cancers, breast cancers and even organ cancers. Most contain the essential ingredient of bloodroot. Some other names for these salves are Black Salve, Compound X and Indian Mud.

Bloodroot is one of the primary ingredients in the Hoxey treatment. There is a great documentary about Harry Hoxey titled Hoxey: When Healing Becomes a Crime which can be watched for free on YouTube. This is a fascinating story going back to the 1950s. Check with a site called Black Salve info. There is a wonderful book on this subject titled Cancer Salves by Ingrid Naiman available from her website or used copies are available as of this posting from online used book sellers. Do a search for "used books cancer salves." This book is the cancer salve bible. It is no longer for sale on Amazon but it can be found at online used bookstores such as Half Price Books. There are most likely other used book sellers that have this. As of this writing Half Price Books has this book in good condition for $14.95.

Go to the Cancer Salves website to purchase the book brand new. This site is also the best and most informative cancer salve site your author has found.

Cancer salves

There are several very good Facebook sites which are devoted to using Black Salve to treat skin cancer and also breast cancers. Do a search on FB for 'black salve' and 'bloodroot salve.' These have lots of pictures submitted by users along with questions and answers. Your author has used Black Salve numerous times with 100% success. I also see a dermatologist twice a year. After several surgical treatments I decided that if he found a cancer I didn't find, I would apply Black Salve to the biopsy site instead of going back to have it cut out. I have found several cancers myself simply by applying the salve. If it reacts you know it's cancer and you let the salve run its course. If it doesn't react, you know that it is either not cancer or the salve just didn't penetrate. Now I use DMSO with the Black Salve and I rough up or abraid the surface of the spot so the salve can penetrate.

Here is one of several good Facebook pages:

Black Salve



If you watched the free DVD Cancer: The Forbidden Cures, you discovered the story of Rene Caisse and Essiac Tea. Here is a website that sells the tea and has more information about it. You can also grow the 4 basic herbs and make your own which might be the best route - fresh herbs. There are two Facebook sites for Essiac Tea. Here is one of them: Essiac Tea Users Group. This group also has a list of providers that include the all important root of the sheep sorrel plant. Many do not and it is vital that it does - LIST OF VENDORS - you can also find the list by selecting the 'Guide' tab at the top of their page.

Essiac tea



Research has shown vitamin D deficiency to be involved in 17 types of cancer which include prostate, breast, and colon.  Click on the following link to read more about Vitamin D and Cancer.



Dr. Otis Brawley, the senior medical officer for the American Cancer Society, told the New York Times on October 21, 2009, “We don’t want people to panic but I’m admitting that American medicine has overpromised when it comes to screening.  The advantages of screening have been exaggerated.”  Read more about Mammogram Risks and PSA Prostate Screening - click here


The Rife MachineRoyal Raymond Rife

In the 1930s, a man by the name of Royal Rife invented a device that used multiple radio frequencies to eliminate cancers. At the University of California Medical Center he was provided with 16 terminal cancer patients who had not responded to the array of orthodox medical treatments of the day. Rife cured all 16 of their cancers. Here is a fascinating and free documentary about Rife who also invented the most astonishing microscope ever invented and this holds true to this day.

The two best Rife machines available today are the Bedini-RPX and the GB-4000 frequency generator used in conjunction with a M.O.P.A. rf amplifier and plasma gas tube. The GB-4000/MOPA/gas tube can be purchased on-line. One can purchase a two DVD set and book by John Bedini on the theory and construction of a less expensive but equally effective Bedini-RPX Rife machine at this link. The RPX unit can be purchased ready made at this link.

There is a substanial culture and group of users and experimenters with Rife machines. There are also non-allopathic practitioners such as chiropractors and naturopaths who have Rife machines and who will administer treatments. There are also online forums and chat groups for Rife technology such as Rife Forum. The GB4000/MOPA with tube is about $4,500 and the RPX is under $500. These are the only two I would consider buying. There are quite a number of Rife impersonator machines. Having studied Rife thoroughly and having followd John Bedini for many years (he is now deceased) these are the only two I would trust. Go here to John Bedini's web page to see the effects on actual single cell protazoa.


DCA – Dichloroacetic Acid

"If there were a magic bullet, though, it might be something like dichloroacetate, or DCA..." - Newsweek, January 23, 2007

DCA is a relatively non-toxic, small molecule and very inexpensive.  Clinical researchers and scientists at the University of Alberta are advocating that it could be utilized in the very near future as an effective way to treat a broad range of cancers.  A clinical researcher and professor at U of A, Dr. Evangelos Michelakis, has clearly demonstrated that DCA will bring about reduction in a number of cancers including lung, brain and breast. Dr. Michelakis and his co-workers which include Dr. Sebastien Bonnet who is a post-doctoral fellow, have published the results of their research efforts in the prestigeous medical journal Cancer Cell. Doctors and medical clinicians have used DCA for many decades as a therapy for metabolism errors in children that appear with mitochondrial diseases.  The energy creating mechanisms in the body cells are the mitochondria and have been linked with cancer since the 1930s.  It was then that clinical scientists first recorded dysfunction in these organelles when cancer is growing.

Dr. Michelakis and his research team discovered that DCA brought mitochondrial processes back into a normal state in many cancers.  Even more importantly, they found that when the mitochondrial processes return to normal, the result was a stark inhibition of tumor growth and replication in both animal and test tube subjects.  They also recorded that DCA did not have any adverse effect on normal cells.  "I think DCA can be selective for cancer because it attacks a fundamental process in cancer development that is unique to cancer cells," Michelakis said. "One of the really exciting things about this compound is that it might be able to treat many different forms of cancer".

The University of Alberta is continuing with clinical trials of this very promising cancer alternative therapy. Go to YouTube and do a search for "DCA cancer." There is a lot of information.

Short 8 minute video on DCA protocol for cancer treatment

Cure cancer

You can purchase DCA here.



Many cancers produce a waisting away effect known as cachexia and all too often cancer patients die from this rather than the disease itself. This condition produces an under-nourishment of the body and it simply whithers away. It was discovered in 1968 by Dr. Joseph Gold, MD, Director of the Syracuse Cancer Research Institute, the the chemical compound hydrazine sulfate could bring an end to cachexia which would give the body the opportunity to build strength and continue to fight the disease. The compound produces a gain in weight if weight has been lost. It enhances the feeling of well-being and stimulates the appetite.

The mechanism for this to occur is to impede the liver's ability to convert lactic acid to glucose a process known as gluconeogenesis. Cancer cells feed on blood glucose (sugar) which encourages rapid cell growth. By putting up a barrier to the lactic acid conversion process, the compound reduces the cancer while allowing regular body cells to prosper. In this way, a vicious cycle is reversed. Hydrazine sulfate is inexpensive, commonly available and it can never be patented which makes it worthless to drug companies. Because of Big Pharma's overreach, the FDA has prohibited chemical companies from marketing the compound to the public. However, a search on the internet will locate a good source.

Click here to read about Hydrazine Sulfate and click here for an article



Laetrile is a naturally occuring substance found in a variety of foods such as buckwheat, cassava melons, peach, apricot and apple seeds and millet. Dr. Harold Manner, PhD, was the first to perform extensive tests on laetrile. At that time he was the Chairman of the Biology Department at Loyola University located in Chicago. His research found that laetrile was non-toxic and, when accompanied by certain enzymes and vitamin A, it stimulated the manufacture of antibodies that inhibited and destroyed tumors of the breast in mice. There was complete and total regression in 76% of the mice that received the treatment.

Dr. Manner was subsequently attacked for making this discovery which led him to resign as Chairman of the Biology Department and open a clinic in Tijauna, Mexico. There are other clinics as well that include laetrile with their protocol. You can contact the Cancer Control Society for a list of these clinics all of which are in Mexico. They also offer much more information and host an annual conclave for the exploration of alternative cancer therapies. Do a search for "laetrile" on and for more information.

They also have a Facebook page - do a search on Facebook for Cancer Control Society.



Cancer cell doubling rateWhen a tumor becomes large enough to be detected, it has been growing there for about 10 years. On average, cancer cells double every 100 days and it takes a billion cells to reach the size of 1 centimeter which is the size that begins to be detectable. Often a tumor is discovered and then a few months later more tumors are discovered. The secondary tumors didn't just spread from the first tumor. They were already there growing for the past 10 years. When a patient is told they have no more tumors, it means they have no more detectable tumors 1 centimeter or larger. There may still be smaller seed tumors or cells. If the cancer recurs later as it often does, it is the result of the growth of these smaller seed colonies. The cancer was never cured it was only trimmed back. Credit to Dr. John McDougall, MD for the chart.



The information on this page is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease or illness. The information on this page is offered for academic and experimental purposes only. Consult with your professional health care practitioner before using any alternative therapies.

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