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1.  We are awarenessPrimordial awareness

2.  Discrimination

3.  Awareness is the center

4.  We can’t see the center

5.  Letting go

6.  There is only one awareness

7.  We are all connected

8.  The eye of a fly

9.  Most will run away

10.  Leave all books on the ground

11.  The cosmic power of Maya

12.  Formless and changeless

13.  Empty

14.  Every rock is aware

15.  Space is aware

16.  The body is just another object

17.  Identified with awareness

18.  Our perception of the world

19.  Motionless

20.  Seamless through all states

21.  Eternal mystery

22.  Relief like a cooling rain

23.  Awareness is a light

24.  Increasing awareness

25.  Rock solid

26.  The present moment

27.  The mind can’t imagine awareness

28.  The most abundant aspect

29.  Hard to see

30.  Formless

31.  Forms and thoughts are a mirror

32.  The mind understands

33.  Claims to be enlightened

34.  Visions, trances and lights

35.  I am aware

36.  The “I” appears and disappears

37.  See a coconut, hear a bird

38.  Awareness is alive

39.  Awareness is a sanctuary

40.  Love and awareness

41.  If one becomes love

42.  Love is the consort of awareness

43.  Love gives meaning to life

44.  The mind is transformed

45.  Ignorance of awareness

46.  The absence of love

47.  The enemy

48.  Lack of awareness is blindness

49.  Like a pot of soup

50.  The universe is alive

51.  Commune with the Cosmic Mind

52.  Spiritual practice

53.  There are two paths



54.  Being with a Mahatma

55.  These souls are very rare

56.  Self-realization is not liberation

57.  Only two choices

The first choice

The second choice

58.  When the ego is gone

59.  We are not the doer

60.  Endless bliss


Gods and goddesses


Advaita – Non-duality

Advaita Prerequisites



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