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So many miracles have happened with Amma!  It is best to read the biography toAmma 119 feel the full import of this.  Amma herself downplays miracles and the use of supernormal powers that are available to yogis.  She says that siddhis (powers) are equal to excreta.

Most people who have been following Amma for a length of time have miracles of their own to recount including your author.  What is important to see, is that Amma wielded these powers at a very young age – while still a teenager without the help of any teacher or guru. 

Here are some of them.  You can read about these in Amma’s biography and also in the condensed book A Pilgrim’s Guide to Amma

Knowing the Minds of Others


Death and Resurrection of Her Own Body



Talking to Subtle Beings

Perfume Smell

Fire Balls


Raising People from the Dead

Predicting the Future

Dispensing Divine Births

Going Without Sleep


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