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The Kali YugaAmma 39

The earth is now at a peak point of darkness – the peak of the Kali Yuga (having to do with long cycles of time).  Dark qualities such as self-centered obsessions, absence of love and compassion, greed, arrogance, addictions and absorption in the unbridled pursuit of pleasures at the expense of others, have gripped the minds of human kind. 

When darkness has engulfed the world, there appears a concentrated focus of light as a balance.  This is Amma.  That is not to say there are not other spiritual beings on this planet at this time who yield considerable light.  And there have been great Masters in the past – Buddha, Jesus, Padmasambhava, Krishna.   It is the opinion of your author that none of these are as great as Amma in terms of radiating spiritual power, light and love and changing the hearts of people.  No one has done so much for so many in such a short amount of time.  No one has sacrificed as much as Amma for the upliftment of humanity.

It is possible that there have been beacons of light equal to or greater than the phenomenon we know as Amma, but they were reclusive and hidden and we have no record of them.

Amma is an astonishingly powerful incarnation of the Divine Mother of the Universe.  She is the most powerful incarnation of the Divine Mother in the history of the world.  Divine Mother is a term used here to describe the primordial energy of Shakti from which the universe arises.  She is also Brahman the changeless primordial awareness.  And she is the eternal Cosmic Mind that orchestrates the eternally changing.  The Divine Mother, as presented in this book, is the all in all.  The reader is invited to substitute any other descriptive handle to envision the all in all.

What we see as Amma is really a mask that the Divine Mother has put on for the purpose of helping her children.

It is not easy to see behind the mask that is Amma.  This requires punya or spiritual merit that has been garnered from past lives doing spiritual practices, serving a Master, expressing deep compassion with acts of caring and so on.  Punya from past lives is required to even have mild curiosity about the spiritual path in this life.  Those who have no interest have no punya. To recognize Amma’s profound magnitude requires a lot of punya.  Thus, not many people will be able to see Amma this way even when confronted with the many articles of her greatness.  They will simply be blind to it.  Even people with spiritual interest and meditating for years will not be able to recognize Amma because her light is so brilliant.  Because her light is so great, the opportunity to benefit by merely being in her presence is also very great.  Thus, their karma, their insufficient punya, will not allow them to recognize Amma.

Amma 40If one is fortunate enough to see Amma as the Divine Mother herself, then one should drop everything else and camp on Amma’s doorstep metaphorically speaking.  This is not to berate any other path such as devotion to Jesus or Buddha, but these will always be there and we can come back to them later after Amma leaves the body.  We can even stay on any other path and still embrace Amma as an incarnation of the Divine.

To actually have the Divine Mother incarnate among us is exceedingly rare and equally fortuitous for those who have the eyes to see.  It is a blessing beyond anything else available on the planet today.  It is a blessing beyond anything else that has been available in the recorded history of human kind.

Suppose it is 2,000 or so years ago and Jesus is alive and teaching.  Or picture Buddha or Krishna if one likes.  If we had the good fortune to recognize him as an incarnation, we would drop everything and spend as much time with him as possible. 

Imagine if we had the ability to see into the past and know that we were there but did not take advantage.  We did not follow him in his mission.  We did not hear the Sermon on the Mount because relatives were coming to our house to visit that day.  We would marvel that we could not have seen the importance of the Master’s presence and what an extremely rare opportunity it was to be with him.  Had we seen it, we would have asked our relatives to pick another day.  And then, just like that, he was gone. 


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