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Amma and Yogananda

Sri Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952) was also very much like Amma in that he put much emphasis on love and devotion as a path and worshipped the Divine Mother - specifically the form of Kali.

A long time Yogananda devotee, Anand, went to see Amma in 1997.  He then visited her at her ashram in Amritapuri.  The following is from the July, 2017 Matruvani magazine:

“Every time Amma visited Spain, I would attend Her programs.  In 2000, I felt like going to Amritapuri.  I did.  There, I asked Amma if She was my Guru. She said, “Yes.”  I also asked Her about Yogananda and the lineage of Gurus from which He had descended.  Amma said, “I am Yogananda.”  Amma dissolved all my doubts while I stayed in the ashram, where I lived until 2008.“

Yogananda passed away in 1952 and Amma was born in 1953.

One way to interpret these associations with Ramakrishna and Yogananda is to see these as incarnations of one Divine Mother who pulled out all of the stops to save mankind when she embodied as Amma.  In Amma the Divine Mother has manifested an unprecedented amount of spiritual power to fulfill this mission. 


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