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Amma and Jesus

Your author would like to state plainly and clearly that he has a deep personal love for Jesus and there is a feeling of knowing him personally.  This has resulted in writing two books about the Master.

It is also your author’s opinion that the second coming of Jesus is Amma, a.k.a. Mata Amritanandamayi. We will not find anyone in history who has lived the life that Jesus taught as completely and as powerfully and as voluminously as Amma.

But this is just the opinion of one voice crying in the wilderness.  Amma would not consider this discussion to be of any importance.

Jesus had two commandments for us – love your God with all your heart, mind, strength and soul and love your neighbor as yourself.  This is also the path Amma recommends.  Learn to cry tears for God. 

“If you can pray to Him [Her] with an open heart and shed a few tears out of love for Him, then you are saved.”  Amma, Eternal Wisdom, vol. II

Amma emphasizes serving the poor, the sick and the elderly just as Jesus did.  Serve others and relieve suffering in the world.

Love is the core of the life and teaching of Jesus - Amma also says her religion is love.

Some may feel that the crucifixion of Jesus sets him apart from all others.  Amma is crucified each time she sits hugging for 12 or 14 hours which is more than half of the days in a year.  The pain her body endures day in and day out is tremendous.  According to the Bible, Jesus was crucified for 6 hours before he was taken down from the cross.   Amma has been crucified for 40 years.   Amma also died and was “raised from the dead” 8 hours later as recounted in the chapter Supernormal Powers.

Swamini Krishnamrita devotes Chapter 6 titled Fresh as a Daisy in her book Love is the Answer to explain the intense physical pain and hardship Amma endures and has endured for many years.  This is to help us understand the phenomenal sacrifice Amma makes for our benefit.  Here is an excerpt:

“Sometimes I think about how much pain Amma has in Her body from giving darshan for such extremely long hours.  On some occasions She can barely bend Her neck or move Her body at all without it hurting.  At times like these I wonder how She will be able to embrace five people let alone a program full of 20,000 people!  Amma never thinks in this way.  She knows that She has the capacity to detach Herself from the mind/body connection; She is always able to find the strength to do anything that needs to be done to serve others.  Swamini Krishnamrita

Amma comments on the weight she carries which is the pain she experiences:

“Sundays are the most crowded days and many devotees had come. The Holy Mother received one and all. The cough troubled Her several times, and the devotees were greatly pained at heart. A young man who was very devoted said, "Mother, it is unbearable to see you suffering. Give some of it to me."

“Mother: (laughingly) This love is good, but son, you know, it would be impossible for others to bear even an infinitesimal fraction of this weight.”   Amma, Awaken Children, vol. 1

Occasionally, dogged persistence by a questioner will solicit an admission of divinity.  The following is a quote from the fourth quarter 1997 Amirtanandam magazine in which a 12-year-old named Sarada interviews Amma.

Sarada:  Are you and Jesus the same?

Amma:  (laughs)

Sarada:  Did it hurt to be nailed to the cross?

Amma:  It was his will.  Jesus was the guru.  Whatever happens to the guru is his will.  Jesus did not need to suffer on the cross, but he did it to show the world the meaning of sacrifice.  It is also symbolic of the death of the ego while still in the body.

Sarada:  Are you and Jesus the same?

Amma:  You could say that Amma is one with the consciousness of Christ; the important thing is to find that in yourself.  The same consciousness that was in Jesus is in Amma now.  Amma has come for the same reason as Jesus.  God is Pure Consciousness, Jesus is the guru.

Sarada:  Is your soul Jesus’ soul?

Amma:  Yes! (emphatically looking at Sarada)

Sarada:  How can I be like that?

Amma:  Look inside there (pointing to Sarada’s heart).  Don’t worry about the past or the future.

One could say the Divine Mother or Christ that embodied as Jesus, returned as Amma but amplified by many magnitudes. 

In the history of the human race, no one has done so much for so many in such a short amount of time as Amma.


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