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A Powerful Photograph

In the picture below, Amma is leading the singing of bhajans (devotional songs).  When a Mahatma or Self-realized being sings, the force of the light of the Absolute projects powerfully through their singing. 

We can see the shaft of light that is cosmic light caught by a camera.  Your author has other photos like this where cosmic light has been captured and it is a phenomenon.  You can see the exploding shaft of light is covering up the microphone stand, Amma’s left arm and the top of Swamiji’s head meaning they are positioned behind the light. The shaft of light is very irregular in shape whereas a bank of lights would be uniform and straight with straight edges and the diameter of a bank of lights would be the same from one end to the other.  

The beam of cosmic light is coming out of the center of Amma’s chest.  One can see other wispy anomalies of light which are also typically seen in photographs that have been impressed with cosmic energies.


Burst of light


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