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Note: This article can be found in the back of the author's book Whole-Foods Plant-Based Diet.

Chlorine dioxideMMS or chlorine dioxide was discovered to be a miraculous healing agent by Jim Humble - buy his book.  Jim doesn’t sell MMS he only discovered it.  MMS (Master Mineral Solution) is dirt cheap, commonly available and, because it is a long existing substance (over 100 years), it can’t be patented.  For this reason, no trials will be done and no pharmaceutical company will ever sell it.  The drug companies look at it as competition. If only a sliver of what people are reporting anecdotally is true, then MMS would pose a catastrophic threat to the profits of the pharmaceutical companies.

Before we go any farther, your author needs to say this:  The author offers this information regarding MMS for experimental and academic purposes only.  He is not a medical doctor and makes no claims as to the efficacy of MMS. This article is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease. The reader should consult a professional medical practitioner before using any substance that has not been approved by the FDA.

Go to Jim Humble's website to see more information:

Here is a good independent short article explaining the basics.

Another great page explaining MMS. MMSWiki

Go here for more information Genesis II Church



MMS doesn't cure any disease. It kills the hoards of pathogens - viruses, microbes, bacteria, parasites, molds and fungi that live in the bodies of every human being. Our immune system is constantly at war with these and all wars have a cost in terms of resources. When these pathogens are killed, our bodies are released from this cost - this burden - and are thus able to heal naturally. It is the body that does the healing.



Chlorine Dioxide is a gas that is highly soluable in water. That is how we consume it - in water. In the portions we use, it is highly diluted. It is approved by the FDA to be used in our water supplies as a disinfectant and a substitute for chlorine. It is approved for use by individuals for the disinfecting of drinking water. These would include campers and persons visiting foreign countries where the water supplies might be contaminated.


MMS will not harm any cells in the human body. It only kills the invading hoards of pathogens. The byproducts are chloride, which is an essential and natural electrolyte in the body, and sodium chloride which is table salt - both of these are harmless to humans.



Jim Humble reports that MMS will cure 95% of all cancers.

There are mountains of anecdotal stories from people who say they cured their cancer with MMS. These are not clinical trials but they are as close as we will ever get to evidence because no company is ever going to do any clinical trials with MMS. There are two reasons: 1. It would render their existing drugs obsolete and 2. MMS can't be patented because we have been using it for over 100 years. The cost of doing a trial would be around 200 million dollars and the return profit on that investment would be zero dollars.

We are not sure exactly how MMS kills cancer. One theory revolves around the fact that cancer cells are anaerobic meaning they are not oxygen breathing cells. Oxygen destroys cancer cells. This is also true of the pathogens in the body killed by MMS such as bacteria, viruses and parasites. Anaerobic cancer cells are subject to the MMS oxygen electron exchange killing mechanism the same as other pathogens. There is also a body of researchers who believe cancer is caused by pathogens such as viruses or fungi. In the 1930s Royal Raymond Rife used his radio frequency Rife machine to kill viruses associated with cancers thus curing the patients. The University of Southern California gave him 16 patients who had failed all other protocols and were waiting to die. Rife cured all 16 - a 100% cure rate.

Is MMS a chemical version of Rife's machine or a destroyer of cancer cells directly or both?


On the MMS Testimonials site we can read the accounts of persons who claim to have been cured with MMS. Some of them are videos of the persons making the testimonial. Some of these still work and some don't due to the fact that YouTube has made an effort to remove all references to MMS beginning in April of 2019. However, there are instructions at the top of the web pages explaining how to see the videos on Bitchute. Most of the testimonials are written and not videos. The home page of the testimonials website has an index to find different maladies. The cancer page has 71 testimonials.

From the testimonial site: "Update April 9 2019: The MMS Testimonials channel has been terminated by YouTube. However, you can still watch each video testimonial on Bitchute at or download each video testimonial from this website. Click a testimonial in the video section and then, below the video player, click the Download video link."

MMS cancer testimonials MMS arthritis testimonials MMS infections testimonials



As previously mentioned, around the middle of April, 2019, most of the testimonials regarding MMS were removed from YouTube. These were everyday folks telling their stories. There were many of them - maybe more than a hundred - who had gone to the trouble of making a video and posting it on YouTube. They were talking about curing everything from cancer to diabetes. There were many instructional videos - many now taken down (some still remain). Amazon has banned all books related to MMS. Facebook has also baned all sites having to do with this. This all happened at the same time.

We have also seen such a flood of propaganda in the news. The reports of mothers giving their babies "bleach" to cure autism are the most prominent because it is so easy to spin these stories into derranged women putting a funnel in the mouths of their innocent autistic children and pouring Clorox into their little tummies! In this way the propagandizers make MMS look like evil poison concocted by deranged and insane people. If mothers actually did cause such horrific harm, they would be arrested and charged with felonies which would become public record which could then become part of these deceitful naratives. But no such arrests are reported.

There can only be two reasons why the FDA is foaming at the mouth over this and why the lies are flying like flies on manure:

1. MMS kills people and destroys their organs

2. MMS cures most diseases

It's not number 1. There are no documented cases of anyone dying or being harmed by MMS. There are lies but nothing that is substantial or documented. For example one news article said a 6-year-old had to have his entire colon removed and now wears a colostomy bag due to MMS enemas. This might occur with Clorox but not MMS which is very weak and used in very low doses. Read about the chemistry of MMS. This is an obvious lie. Another article claimed some children had died from MMS and there was a footnote of another article to support the claim. But when the footnote article is opened, there is no mention of anyone dying! They depend on the fact that most people will believe what they read and not bother to investigate the footnotes.

The FDA can't get rid of it or ban it because it is too commonly available and is sold online as a water purifier in two bottles that you mix together to make chlorine dioxide. So they must resort to propaganda. Their attack has been ferocious.

The fact that the FDA, who is a puppet for Big Pharma, is so red hot about MMS is proof that it works and that it possibly can cure most diseases. If this is true about MMS, it would be the end of Big Pharmas. They would become Little Pharmas. Their very survival depends on keeping the MMS genie in the bottle.

Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Herbert Ley: “The thing that bugs me is that people think the FDA is protecting them. It isn’t. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it’s doing are as different as night and day.”

Lindsey Wagner - TV's Bionic Woman - tells how MMS provided her with a cure - a 4 minute clip.


Your author personally has a friend who cured his AIDS with MMS with his viral count going to zero in 2.5 weeks at which point they pronounced his AIDS as undetectable.  Also another personal friend who cured his antibiotic-resistant flesh-eating staph infection in only 3 days of taking MMS.  The doctors wanted to scoop out a big hunk of flesh surgically in an attempt to stop it and if that didn't work they were going to amputate his arm. But the friend was spared this by simply taking MMS protocol 2000. 

Click here to watch a great documentary on MMS titled Quantum Leap - 60 minutes

Quantum leap


To follow is a one hour interview with Dr. John Humiston, MD in six 10 minute segments explaining MMS and how and why it works so well for so many diseases.




A leaked video proves the Red Cross tested MMS on Malaria which cured all 154 participants in a matter of a few days. The Red Cross then mysteriously denied it ever did such a test but here is a video record of it:



Many people are even curing the autism of their children with MMS. One woman who did so wrote a book and is helping others do the same and here is her website ("CD" stands for chlorine dioxide which is MMS). As of this posting, the CD Autism website has catalogued 557 children that are claimed to be cured with MMS.


Cures autism


A bit of discussion regarding cholrine dioxide (MMS) and autism. It is this use of MMS that has the most attention in the media's storm of anti-MMS propaganda. Articles are sprouting like mushrooms in manure stating that mothers are trying to cure their children's autism with bleach. They want us to think it is like giving straight household bleach like Clorox! These mothers are not stupid. We are stupid if we believe this propaganda. Yes CD (chlorine dioxide) is used as a bleach in very high concentrations but we are using it in a highly diluted form. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleach and it is given intravenously and our dentist uses it to whiten our teeth. Alcohol is a bleach. The sun is a bleach.


MMS bookBuy Jim Humble’s book from his website at MMS Health Recovery Guidebook. This is an updated version of his previous book The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millenium. Buy both books. The print version of the older book is no longer available but can be purchased as an ebook. An advantage to this older ebook is the ability to search for keywords such as tuberculosis. The new book has much information that is not in the older book. The older book tells the story of MMS and Jim's travails like being put in jail in Africa, harrassment from the medical establishment, how it was discovered and developed and so on. Also in the back of the older book is a detailed explanation of the chemistry of MMS and how it works in the body and why it works so well without harming our natural body cells. This all has to do with the difference of the electrical charge on pathogens (bacterium, viruses, parasites) and the cells in our bodies and the fact that the pathogens are anaerobic (are killed by oxygen which is delivered by the MMS) while our own cells are the opposite - aerobic or oxygen friendly. You can also got to Jim's website to buy Jim's book as well as find much useful information about MMS.

MMS bottles

Here is one of a number of websites that sell MMS but as a water purifier that you might take camping or to a foreign country where the water might be suspect.  The FDA (puppet of Big Pharma) is so red-hot about this the sellers have to be very careful.  We can’t even imagine how much this would cost the drug companies. Many have accused the FDA of representing the interests of Big Pharma instead of common folks.

Keavey's Corner

$30+ with shipping.  It comes in two bottles one with 22.4% sodium chlorite solution and one with a 4% hydrochloric acid solution.

You mix them together in equal parts to make MMS. It is easy to make your own solutions and there are people on YouTube showing you how. If you made your own, it would be dog dirt cheap.


If you google MMS you will find one or two sites that are very negative about MMS calling it a toxic poison and pointing out over and over that it is a bleach and causes vomiting and diarrhea.  This is all propaganda. 

The Wikipedia account of MMS (chlorine dioxide) is wholly bogus.  Jim Humble and his associates would repeatedly post the truth but the next day the lies would be back.  If you investigate the references to clinical studies, appearing in fine print at the bottom of the page, you will see that they have nothing to do with MMS.  It's a point-blank, bald-faced lie. The authors of the Wikipedia page are correctly assuming most people will not bother to actually read the studies.  For example, the first study referenced says sodium chlorite, a component of MMS, causes acute kidney failure.  First of all, we are not taking sodium chlorite.  We mix sodium chlorite with hydrochloric acid which then becomes chlorine dioxide and that is MMS.  This is like saying sodium, a component of table salt, will cause death if consumed! This would be to convince us not to eat salt! Sodium taken by itself would be very poisonous but is harmless when combined with chlorine (another very toxic element) to make table salt.  

The Wikipedia text leads us to believe a clinical study had shown that sodium chlorite will cause kidney failure.  In reality, the report is a news article about one man in China who took a gram of sodium chlorite in an attempt to commit suicide.  It was not a study - it was a news article about one person! And they had to go to China to get that! A gram would be thousands of times more than the dose we would take IF it was sodium chlorite we were taking which it IS NOT.  MMS is a non-toxic ionic form of chlorine dioxide – ClO2    - and is taken in very tiny amounts.  This is the kind of deceptive, lying reporting that is on the Wikipedia site.  Most people read the short blip in the article without investigating the source and conclude MMS causes kidney failure. No - a massive amount of sodium chlorite caused kidney failure in one man (not a clinic study) in China.  


Yes, it will bleach in very high concentrations far beyond what we are consuming. Hydrogen peroxide is also a bleach which is given to people intravenously!  The sun is also a bleach.  Alcohol is a bleach. Oxygen itself is a bleach and when we inhale oxygen we are initiating a bleaching process. If you take too much MMS you will get diarrhea but the same will happen if you take too much vitamin C or too much magesium.  The dose we take is very small. Chlorine dioxide is commonly used in municipal water supplies showing that it is safe and approved for human consumption.

Out of 10 million people using MMS, no one has ever died using it.  There are no reports of anyone being injured by it.  In contrast, prescription drugs prescribed by doctors are the number 3 killer in the USA after heart attacks, strokes and cancer.  This was reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association.


Buy the book!  Buy the book!  Buy the book! 

Buy Jim Humble’s book MMS Health Recovery Guidebook.

There is a great documentary called Understanding MMS by Adam Abraham but it takes little luck and good timing to find it.  The website of the maker of the film doesn’t have a trace of it.  The author emailed Mr. Abraham at his website which is and inquired about purchasing the DVD but got no response.  It is highly likely he has been threatened regarding his documentary.

This is an update: For several months now, the DVD has consistently been available on ebay. If you want a copy, it is a good idea to buy one now before it disappears again.

Since we first posted this page, the documentary Underestanding MMS has become available on YouTube for free. This is 1 hour 45 minutes in length and well worth watching.


Understanding MMS


In the following video, Dr. Andreas Kalcker talks about MMS, what it is and how effective it is for a list of maladies.



The main promoter of MMS, Jim Humble, had to move to Costa Rica to avoid the FDA.  He set up a church called Genesis II to dispense information about MMS as another tack to avoid the FDA.  He has since amicably parted ways with the church which is managed by someone else and is still a good source of information.  Jim is an elderly man and is independently wealthy from owning silver and gold mines in South America which is where he discovered the power of MMS by curing all cases of malaria among the workers. 

He has only a book he sells which was listed previously.  His story is astonishing and he promotes MMS as a humanitarian mission.  It would cost the drug companies a lot of money if people started using it.  It is very cheap to purchase - $30+ for 6 months to a year.  You can see why the drug companies are worried about this.  It can’t be patented because we have known about it for over 100 years.  It is a substance that occurs naturally in the body.  Here is the website that Jim Humble and associates have set up:

As of October, 2017, Jim Humble, who is 85 at the time of this writing, is retiring from the Genesis Church which will be run by Marc Grenon. Jim has other projects he is pursuing with MMS. Jim's new website is




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