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Whole Foods Plant Based Diet

Save Your Health - Save the Earth - Save the AnimalsWhole foods plant based diet

The greatest repository of destruction in the world is that of animal agriculture.  All of the wars in human history do not compare.  All of the genocides throughout history added together would be but a tiny drop of evil compared to the eating of animal flesh and the resulting destruction, suffering, disease and death that it causes in the world today.  The magnitude of the suffering, destruction and disease is astonishing!  If it continues it will literally destroy life on earth as we know it and the human race will face extinction.

More than 6 million animals are slaughtered each day for food which comes out to 100,000 every minute!  Worldwide 70 billion animals are raised in mostly horrid conditions only to be slaughtered at a very young age in a slaughter house. These are billions of living beings who feel love, grief, sorrow, happiness and, like us, only want to live out their lives and be happy.  Nowhere on the planet is there a greater concentration of suffering all perpetrated by not understanding the horror of it all or by heartless indifference. 

We will also see that the eating of animals and dairy are causing so much disease and suffering for humans.  In addition, animal agriculture is destroying the planet more than any other malefic influence.  It is 90% responsible for the clearing of the Amazon Rainforest and this is only one catastrophic item among many.  In every direction we look, eating animals is causing so many beings and the earth in general such great suffering.

The United Nations (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization published a report in 2002 that, in part, had this to say:

"Although two-thirds of the world's population depends on cereal or tuber-based diets, the other one-third consumes significant amounts of animal food products. The latter group places an undue demand on land, water, and other resources required for intensive food production, which makes the typical Western diet not only undesirable from the standpoint of health but also environmentally unsustainable. If we balance energy intake with the expenditure required for basal metabolism, physical activity, growth, and repair, we will find that the dietary quality required for health is essentially the same across population groups."

And the World Health Organization (WHO) said this: 

“Households should select predominantly plant-based diets rich in a variety of vegetables and fruits, pulses or legumes, and minimally processed starchy staple foods. The evidence that such diets will prevent or delay a significant proportion of non-communicable chronic diseases is consistent. A predominantly plant-based diet has a low energy density, which may protect against obesity."
In 2010, the UN reported on this again.  It said that the world as a whole must move towards a vegan (pant-based) diet.  This is necessary to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty and the very worst impacts of climate change.  They are saying this is necessary to “save the world” and used these words in their report.

It is interesting to note that making dietary suggestions invokes the same intensity of wrath from most people as if one had suggested changing political parties or religions!  This is because the mind has forged powerful habitual bonds with foods as a result of experiencing the pleasure of eating them over and over.

“Those who eat meat and other non-vegetarian food are more tamasic (ignorance, darkness, inertia) and rough. Never eat flesh foods. That will make the mind more restless and meditation will become impossible. Vegetarian food will not create that much trouble. Look at the cruel nature of a tiger which eats meat and the calm nature of a deer which eats grass.”   Amma, Awaken Children, vol. 2

So here goes!  There are four areas for considering why we should avoid meat, eggs and dairy foods.

1.         Non-violence and compassion
2.         Health concerns
3.         Environmental impact
4.         Spiritual considerations

Eating animal products (meat, eggs and dairy) can positively be shown by volumes of solid scientific evidence to be seriously detrimental to one’s health and to be the most destructive of all environmental calamities.  By examining Nature’s order, we can also see that for humans, consuming animal products is contrary to Nature’s plan.  We will explore all of these considerations.

There is no greater repository of suffering and evil on the planet than animal farming.  Therefore, any progress one can make toward stopping the consumption of animal foods – either for oneself or others – is the greatest good that one can perform.

Each year 70 billion animals are slaughtered.  That’s 6 million every hour.  Let that soak in – 6 million every hour which is 100,000 every minute!

100,000 every single blooming minute!!!

Most all of them suffered a torturous life.  By simply putting an end to one’s own participation in this macabre dance of death, destruction and torture, one will contribute to the end of this suffering.  Even if one raises a cow on one’s own land in the best of circumstances, it is not right to cut short the life of that cow just to satisfy our taste buds.  Whereas it could have lived a full life of 25 years, it is butchered in 2.  Would we like it if we had our life cut short at the age of 6 to become food for someone else?  A cow wants to live just like we do.  It only wants to be happy and live a full life.  These animals are innocent, helpless children. 



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