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Into the Mystic


A story of light, love and bodacious spiritual adventures

In 1967 at the age of seventeen, Ethan was unsuspectingly catapulted from an intellectual ivory tower of atheism to swimming in the ocean of the Divine in one blinding, mind-melting flash of insight.  He never looked back.  This is the story of a lifetime of spiritual pursuit.  From LSD to the cultural revolution to the Rosicrucians to the I Am School to the Summit Lighthouse to Self-inquiry (non-duality) to love and devotion – bhakti - with priceless guidance from his guru Amma beginning in 1988.  This is one man’s journey, spanning more than fifty years, through the brambles and the thickets; through the ancient halls of mystery, the pure emptiness of being and into the bliss of the Divine Light.  This is a story of love, love and more love; a transfiguration from mind to Heart.



ISBN: 978-0-9729317-6-2
$14.95 | Paperback | 6 x 9 | 282 pages


Mystic Christ


The light of non-duality and the path of love according to the life and teachings of Jesus

The Mystic Christ looks deeply into the life of Jesus from the perspective of mysticism, Gnosticism and eastern mystical traditions including Hindu and Buddhist philosophies. To be a Gnostic or to embrace mysticism is to realize that there is one Self at the core of every being. Jesus Christ is one with Buddha, Krishna and other incarnations of God. Jesus Christ was a Gnostic who embraced the truth of mysticism.


ISBN: 0-9729317-0-8
$14.95 | Paperback | 6 x 9 | 260 pages



Finding God's Love


The Theory and Practice of Love and Devotion as a Spiritual Path

God’s love is always with us falling like rain to every person. To experience God's love we open the portals of our hearts while walking away from our own negativity. This is a how-to book for finding God’s love directly and intimately; becoming a child in God’s arms. Experience the sweetness of the divine; the ecstasy of God's infinite love.


ISBN 0-9729317-1-6
$13.95 | Paperback
6 x 9 | 80 pages




The Spiritual Path of Endless Love

The Bhakti Sutras were written by Narada who is a sage of cosmic dimensions.  He appears throughout classic Hindu spiritual literature going back thousands of years.  These sutras are a collection of 84 phrases or aphorisms designed to lead one up the mountain path of spiritual devotion.  Each is like a flower strung on a common thread.  Bhakti - love for the Beloved - is the highest pinnacle of any spiritual endeavor.  It is a wholly selfless path in which the practitioner is unconcerned with personal gain or spiritual goals.  The aim is simply to love God.  In this path one experiences the bliss of the Divine from the very outset.  As Ramakrishna says, God's devotees are invited into the living room of God's heart from the very beginning while others must wait outside until the very end.  Bhakti is the simplest, safest, easiest, most satisfying and most blissful path to the Divine.  Commentary and parallel quotes from other Masters have been provided by the author.  Come walk in God's spiritual garden and smell the roses of Divine Love!


ISBN 9729317-7-9
$6.95 | Paperback | 99 cents Kindle
6 x 9 | 256 pages


Soft Moon Shining


Poems for the Mother of the Universe

The Goddess or Divine Mother, beckons to all Her children. Swim in the ocean of God’s love reveling in the feminine presence of God – the eternal Goddess – the creatrix of all beings. This profound and moving collection of devotional poetry reveals the Goddess as the indwelling presence of love and compassion in the hearts of all.



ISBN 0-9729317-2-4
$14.95 | Paperback
7 x 9 | 260 pages
54 Illustrations


Divine Mother of the Universe


This Is How We Love You

Poetic meditations on the Divine Mother of the Universe. Dive deeply into the Mother's pure heart light. Drink the sweet nectar of her unconditional love. This book is an invitation to feel the bliss of the Divine Mother.


ISBN 978-0-9729317-4-8
$5.95 | Paperback | 99 cents Kindle
6 x 9 | 195 pages



RAMA'S MOST EXCELLENT DISPASSIONRama's Most Excellent Dispassion

The Path To Bliss

Over 5,000 years ago, Rama, the God Man / avatar,walked the earth to restore truth and dharma. As a young boy not yet 16 years old, he ponders the nature of the world. Pulling back the curtain of Maya, exposing the underbelly of the psychosis of human kind, he is astonished to find that we are living in a dream world wholly divorced from reality. In the opening pages of the classic Hindu spiritual text Yoga Vasistha, he explains his disillusionment and his dispassion toward worldly existence to his father and his guru Sri Vasistha. He does this with astonishing force and poetic beauty. This book, Rama’s Most Excellent Dispassion, presents Rama’s oration and follows with an exploration of the meaning and scope of Rama’s disillusionment. Rama’s dispassion is both radical and blissful. It is the agony and the ecstasy. It is a precious opportunity for the reader to unfold spiritually and swim in the ocean of cosmic love and light.


ISBN 978-0-9729317-5-5
$3.99 | Paperback | Kindle 99 cents
6 x 9 | 118 pages


108 Hugs for Jesus108 Hugs for Jesus

The Ecsatsy of Divine Love as a Path to God

The deepest longing of every soul is to experience the Divine directly, personally and intimately.  To have this direct communion is the purpose of our human birth and nothing else in all of eternity will ever satisfy us or truly make us happy.  The path to this is hidden and Jesus said few will find it.  It is not something that can be found in any church or any book as it must be searched for and discovered in the Heart.  At the center of our being, there is a doorway to God's infinite light, love and bliss.  It is here, within us, that God waits for us – calling for us – yearning for our love.   The kingdom of God is truly within us - Luke 17:21. This book is a comprehensive guide to this greatest of all human endeavors - the Divine Romance; the lover and the Beloved; the eternal Companion.

Jesus prescribed a path to this ecstatic union with His two commandments – love your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and love your neighbor as your own self.   In Luke 10:25, Jesus says practicing these two commandments is all that is necessary to attain eternal life.  In this book, is a thorough discussion of the practice of Jesus' commandments including theory, history, techniques and pitfalls.  Love is what every soul needs more than anything else.  Love is what is most needed in the world.  Divine Love and how to become that love is the primary focus of this book.

As an aid to practicing Jesus' first commandment to love God, a collection of 108 phrases describing key aspects of the Lord's teachings and life events has been provided with commentary.  Chanting these with love and devotion is one way that we can increase the fire of our love for the Beloved.  There is nothing in all of eternity that is sweeter, more magnificent, more illuminating, more liberating, more healing or more blissful than spiritual love for the Divine.  So take off your clothes, empty your mind and step into the ocean of God's infinite love!


ISBN 978-0-9729317-8-6
$11.25 | Paperback | Kindle 99 cents
5 x 8 | 484 pages


Whole Foods Plant Based DietWhole foods plant based diet

Save the Earth, Save Your Health, Save the Animals

The greatest single repository of evil on the planet today is the eating of farmed animal products.  It is destroying our planet, destroying our health and causing intense suffering for billions of farmed animals.  90 percent of the clearing of the rainforest in South America is for the raising of beef cattle.  Farmed animals produce more greenhouse gas than all modes of human transportation combined.  The practice is very wasteful and inefficient as It takes eleven pounds of grain to make one pound of beef.  Animal agriculture consumes more fresh water by far than all human consumption combined.  And this is only the tip of the iceberg.  According to the United Nations and the World Health Organization, we will need to stop the practice of animal agriculture if the human race is to survive.  The seriousness of this cannot be understated.  The practice of raising livestock for human consumption is wholly unsustainable.

Most people are not aware of the horrific suffering animals endure at the hands of profit motivated meat and dairy producing enterprises.  Animals endure this suffering and have been enslaved by human kind for only one reason and that is to satisfy our taste buds.  This is the worst of all possible reasons to ask an animal to suffer and to slaughtered at a very young age.

Numerous comprehensive scientific studies such as the China Study, have proven beyond all doubt that eating animal flesh and dairy products is very detrimental to our health causing, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and many more debilitating diseases.

Read this book and watch the videos Forks Over Knives, Cowspiracy and Earthlings.  Do some research and then change to a plant-based, whole-foods cuisine.  Save the earth, save your health and save the animals!   Do it now before it's too late! 


ISBN 978-0-9729317-9-3
$4.25 | Paperback | Kindle 99 cents
5 x 8 | 129 pages


Pilgrim's guide to AmmaA Pilgrim's Guide to Amma

A Field Handbook for Exploring the Divine World of Mata Amritanandamayi

Mata Amritanandamayi, commonly known as Amma, is a mysterious and supremely powerful river of unconditional love.  Having never taken even a single breath for herself, she has come to this world only to give.  The rest of us, as seekers, as children of light, have a very rare opportunity in being able to have access to such a Divine phenomenon.  If we are suffering she gives comfort.  If we are intent on the Divine, she gives instruction and direct experience.   She is always giving with a tremendous outpouring of love and compassion that is a wonder to behold.
Amma asks nothing in return.  We can keep our religion or current path if we like.  We are not asked to sign up for anything.  Amma will help is with whatever spiritual endeavor we may have undertaken – no strings attached.  Amma says her religion is love.
Amma’s “largeness” is beyond understanding but what we can see is profoundly astonishing.  It is the purpose of this book to give a brief view of Amma’s life, accomplishments and her uplifting impact on people just like us.  We will have to look far and wide in the scrolls of human history to find a Divine manifestation that has done as much for humanity, is as powerful as Amma and, at the same time, so supremely accessible to anyone and everyone. 

In the past 40 years Amma has tirelessly hugged over 34 million people.  Why would anyone do this and do it for free?  This alone speaks to the fact that Amma is a Divine person extraordinarily endowed with the ocean of Divine Shakti (power) and limitless love.  Her charities for the poor and the suffering are vast.  It boggle’s the mind to consider that all this was done by a short, cute Indian lady, born into a very poor family who never made it past the fourth grade.  Dear reader, you are invited to step into this book and see what Amma has to offer you. 


ISBN 978-0-9729317-3-1
$4.35 | Paperback | Kindle 99 cents
5 x 8 | 144 pages


Amma's Ecstatic Communion with the Divine and Miracles

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